Monday, 13 September 2010

The God of the Bible is Not A Leech

Ever had that niggling suspicion in the back of your mind that any God who commands worship from his creation (sending everyone who doesn't comply with this command to Hell) has self-esteem and image issues? Ever met anyone else who thinks that? The kind of suspicion that casts God as some enormous attention sucking leech:

Of course there is some truth in that.  False idols, false conceptions of God, including the human cult of self worship, are all, in the final analysis, life-sucking leeches whom we willingly allow to drain true humanity out of us.

But friends, to say that is true of the God of the Bible is to be deeply and profoundly misled, as one of my theological heroes, Mike Reeves, explains here for simple folk like you and me. (Accompanying text here.) Whilst the context of his talk is student specific, the truths are beautifully universal and worthy of your meditation.

Thanks Dave for flagging this.

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