Saturday, 4 September 2010

Re-Creation Not Restoration

Contrary to popular thinking, the goal of God in history is not to return us to Paradise Lost in the Garden of Eden.

The human race is not "returning", nor is it "evolving", but it is, as one man, (Adam) "coming of age." 

This "natural" coming of age is marked by independence from God; a civilisation apart from it's maker. It's the world of exile, of Adam and Cain, of Babel and Babylon.

However much we mask it with science and progress, this coming of age is marked by increasing darkness, disorder, destruction (de-creation) and death.

There is however, another man - Christ. In Him, another people is coming of age.

Out of that deepening darkness, disorder, destruction, death and exile, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have birthed and betrothed this people (the church) and are preparing / maturing / "glorifying" them to live with God forever.

At the climax of history the natural man, "Adam" and all in his image will be condemned. Those who are in Christ will be transformed and glorified like Jesus when he rose from the dead.

For those who are in Christ, the Heavens and the Earth will no longer be separate, but one. The church will no longer be ignorant, but rather she will understand and live in the garden city in uninterrupted, unhindered fellowship with God for ever.

That's something no human mind would ever dream up.

The end is better than the beginning. It's not about restoration, but re-creation.

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