Friday, 11 September 2009

Two Clicks To Help Rebuild a Nation

A friend of mine is looking to get sponsored by the Vodafone Foundation to go out and teach in Southern Sudan and help that war ravaged country rebuild itself. She is an outstanding young woman.

Please watch this video and then if you are a "Facebooker," vote for her here.

There are initial rounds, you can't vote for her directly just yet, you have to vote first for the category that she falls into i.e. working with people, and educational projects.

Click on the double right arrow tab at the top of the banner and then select polls to vote.


Ian Greig said...

It's a bit of a process to vote (perhaps I should be in Richard's bottom set....) but follow his instructions carefully. There are two poll options and you want the one that is a dotted square

Richard Walker said...

Thanks for clarifying that.

You're right though, it's unclear. For all the millions of pounds and people they have working for them, Vodafone could have made the process a little more straightforward.