Sunday, 20 September 2009

A New Season is Sprouting

Above are some of the people with whom I've had the privilege of doing "Lifegroup" for the last three years. We have just multiplied into two new groups. Half coming with me and half going with Rachel, a new Lifegroup leader.

We've met in each other's homes on a Thursday evening to worship the Living God together, read the Bible and pray together, and encourage one another along the highway of life that leads all people to the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Not all the people who were with us over that time are represented above. We had 34 different people (not including kids or random "one-time wonders") with us over that three years. Many moved on due to career/life circumstances and/or because God called them to something exciting and new. They are all remembered with affection and we prayed for them as well as ourselves at our last meeting together as we looked to our Heavenly Dad to continue to guide us into the future.

I feel a bittersweet mix of emotions of a kind that I guess a parent must feel, when he sees his kids leave home; pleased that the normal healthy patterns of life are taking place, but grieving the loss of having a close regular connection with people who have become so dear.

And yet, I look forward with anticipation to a new season. To seeing new expressions of God's immeasurable grace at work amongst us as a new lifegroup and to continue plodding the highway of life in the company of some yet-to-arrive new faces as well as some of the well-established and loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Richard, I agree with you on your comment that it is bizarre and misleading to say that Jesus at times was too human to know what people were thinking and at times he was divine enough to know it. It was clear in my mind in the last few months, that Jesus was fully human, but chose to walk closely with God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit and indeed, as he said, all his followers can live as good a life as he. Sadly, we don't choose to as often as he - certainly in my case. Have really enjoyed browsing your blog this afternoon. lots of love CazXXXX

Richard Walker said...

Thanks sis!

I'm coming to realise that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more radical, glorious and far-reaching than ever I once thought. For surely it is true that no eye has ever seen, nor ear heard, nor mind conceived of the wonderful things God has in store for those who trust him.