Friday, 18 September 2009

On Subverting the Present World Order

The following documentary is both chilling and compelling evidence that, despite all its efforts to clean itself up, humanity in its essential fallen rebellious state against God, is far from the Hollywood Happy Ever Afters and no better than any other animal.

There is no hope for humanity outside the cross of Jesus Christ.

You and I can only be in one of two categories. We are either part of a fallen humanity, rejecting the offer of life from Jesus Christ and, along with the rest of the herd, spiralling down from one degree of shame to the next. Or we are part of the renewed humanity, receiving the life of Christ through the Holy Spirit and being changed from one degree of glory to the next.

The foundation in the former humanity is the (occult) will to power, the foundation in the latter is the love of God. This love, the world neither knows nor understands, but to those who are being saved, it is the greatest news of all.

It is also what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ totally subversive in nature. The plot-line of history is not the rich vs. the poor nor the literate vs. the illiterate, nor male vs. female, nor white vs. black, nor Jew vs. Gentile, nor the modern vs the primitive, nor the lucky vs. the unlucky, nor even the hard-working vs. the lazy, but those who have been united to Christ and those who in their insane scrambling, despite all the loving calls of the Spirit, refuse to be.

But receiving this love is not without cost to personal pride and selfish agenda. To come to the tree of life is to come to the cross of Christ, they are one and the same. To be grafted into the vine is to be crucified with Christ. The wild olive branch can only bear fruit once it has been grafted into its new olive tree and so start to bear a new kind of fruit. So too, the life of Christ can only truly flow in a person, once they have been crucified with him.

The life of the Christian then is not like any other. It's marked by joyful submission to, and participation in, the life of God and is motivated in all things by the self-sacrificing love that they meet in the true and living God of the Bible. Christians are not to use the methods of the world to subvert the current world order as they wait for the Appearing; things like shows of power, leading people by the nose and using their fallen fears/desires to motivate them and the like, but rather by love: open, obedient, Calvary-shaped love.

Escape the madness and coming Judgment. Come home to Jesus.

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