Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Toughy!

The gospel according to youtube says this (39secs) is why dinosaurs became extinct. The popular culture of Radio 4 ridicules (2:41) the revelation of the Bible and blushes not at doing so. According to this is the lowdown on the dinos. (Takes about 10mins to read.)

On Friday, we will be tackling the question of who came first Adam and Eve or the dinosaurs. I need wisdom sensitivity and boldness not only to answer the question wisely, but also know how to move from the question to Jesus, not in a gear-crunching, whatever-you-do-just-shoehorn-the-gospel-in type way, but a seamless one!

Any 11h hour wisdom out there in the Blog-o-sphere would be much appreciated.


dave bish said...

Genesis 1 - Man is the last creature added to creation... Dinosaurs in the new creation...? I'll email u.

dave bish said...

How'd it go?

Richard Walker said...

It went well. I think. Made me realise that I want to think through a bit more my theology of dinosaurs and in so doing, think through many of my established (and mistaken) categories of thought around salvation history and the new creation.

So just a small thing... ;-)

I'll blog about it this week.