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Evan Roberts is provoking me - He knew 1 Tim. 4:12

I had a DVD arrive today. It chronicles the history of the Welsh Revival of 1904. Here are some of the quotes and notes I took from it Quotes in italics are from Evan Roberts, the foremost figure of the 1904 revival, and should be spoken to yourself in a lovely thick lilting Welsh accent.


Christianity was still central in Wales, but the passion and the spark had gone – It was the failure of Christianity in this regard that troubled Roberts most. Most of his friends went off fishing, he made it his priority to get to the almost-daily prayer meetings.

Jesus was not being glorified as he should be, because people were wanting to "show" themselves in church meetings.

Converted at 13 but Roberts sought a deeper spiritual experience. At the age of 26, God used him to start revival.

I will have the Spirit, he journalled

For 10-11 years I have prayed for a revival. I prayed and prayed, in great distress.

Then one night, for four hours, I spoke with the Almighty as a man speaks with his friend. It seemed to change all my nature, and I saw things in a different light. And I knew that God was going to work…

Roberts was the answer to the four year long revival prayers of another preacher, Mr Joshua, who prayed that revival come again to Wales, but that a man be taken from the colliery or the farming field, like an Elisha, not the university, so that intellectual pride might have no room to muscle in on the work of God.

Lord bend us, Oh Lord bend me.

What bent me was God commending his love and me seeing nothing in it to commend. After this, he came and I was overcome by his grace and a wave of peace came over me... I thought of the bending at the Judgment and wept for lost souls.

After this experience, nervousness was gone, singing was easy, thanksgiving flowed constantly.

Roberts' only book became the bible

His only desire - to benefit a guilty world with the message of Jesus. People inc Christians, thought he was going mad.

Great number of teenagers and particularly girls were contributing at the revival meetings.

Do you think [Roberts asked a friend] that it is too much to ask God for 100,000 souls in Wales?

I saw a vision of Jesus Christ presenting a cheque to his Father for 100,000 and it was alright. Within two years the "soul-cheque" was "cashed".

There are four things to be right. You can go to Heaven without being filled with the Holy Ghost, but without him, you will lose much on the way.
1. Obtain full pardon for the sins of the past.
2. Is there anything doubtful in your life? Do away with it. Otherwise, there cannot be any joy in your heart. Self-denial is one of the first essentials of the religion of Christ
3. Complete and immediate obedience to the Holy Spirit. The world may laugh. He did not. Don't worry, you will not be here long.
4. A public and personal confession of Christ. How long will it take you? Don’t look at one another. Out with the confession!

Our fathers were sincere Christians, but gloomy. What I want is for us to get out of that gloomy groove and experience the joy of knowing Christ.

His major preaching themes centred around Gethsemene and the Cross. It was as if he was there, being bent to the will of God.

Meetings went on until 3-4am

Thank you for Calvery and although it’s only a little mountain, it has grown bigger than the Himalayas now and the whole of Wales can see the summit.

Good language replaced bad language and pit ponies didn’t understand their masters anymore. Sportsmen forgot to turn up to matches because they were so preoccupied with revival meetings.

On Robert's memorial stone it is written:

Dear Friend,

God loves you.
Therefore, seek him diligently.
Pray to him earnestly.
Read his words constantly.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evan Roberts


If you want to buy it too, click here. Of course, it also goes without saying that you are more than welcome to borrow it.

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Pipsqueak's Musings said...

Great entry Richard. I've been reading 'Haslam's Journey' by C Write and 'Catch the Fire'by G Chevrau both on revival. Both have lead me increasingly hungry for the Holy Spirit and the Word. God is on the move but it starts in our own living rooms and private places on our knees before God crying out to know Christ crucified and the power of God in our own lives.