Thursday, 19 February 2009

Lunch Time Adventures. Episode 3. - And other stuff

Yesterday I had lunch with Naissa, a friend and sister from my midweek church group. She works with adults with learning difficulties. I didn't take a sandwich with me this time, although the cheese-fest continued as she had prepared a delicious pepperoni pizza (with salad) followed by lemon cheesecake!

It was wonderful to see her family photos, (and what a family: 17 siblings!!) and hear something of her life history, and how, with God's help, she has persevered in faith even through some very difficult personal circumstances.

Today I went into work! (Shock, Gasp)  No I didn't have a temperature.  On my way home, I dropped by the Mackays' house to see how they are getting on. I played football with Ben and sampled some of the brownies that the kids had made!! Delicious! I also prayed with Karena. Despite cancer and chemo, she is as radiant as ever! A real inspiration to me and many others I know!

Finally, we had our midweek small group at Chris Poston's house.  We had the privilege of hosting a blind couple, Mike and Carol Pearson, who came to our church for the first time last Sunday! They slotted right in with us! It felt like they had been with us for ages! Wonderful times as the family of God in the presence of God!

Oh..and my DVD on the Welsh revival arrived in the post! I look forward to watching it soon!

All in all, a great day!

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