Wednesday, 4 February 2009

An Altogether Curious Affection

It's Facebook's 5th birthday today. Happy Birthday Facebook!

Do I typify the person mocked in this song? (2:52) Do you?

Pride says no, a more honest assessment will concede a sheepish [cough] "maybe..." I don't think I would shrivel up and die without my mini-feed, but I'd have a tough time mastering my curiosity and feelings of being cut off from the world. I'm more of a sheep than I like to admit.

Press play and judge for yourself:

I do have to pinch myself at times and remind myself that 99% of the info that appears on there is totally inconsequential to my life! Either because I can find it out elsewhere or because it just isn't important that I know what you had for dinner or that you know that I have just finished the washing up! Was it Winston Churchill who said: Never has so much effort been put in by so few to bring the trivial, missable and generally inconsequential to the attention of so many?

With verses like 1 Corinthians 6:12 in my head, I might just have to give it up for lent if only to prove to my heart that I have my life priorities in the correct proportions!

Will I survive? Hmmm...

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