Monday, 21 January 2013

My Desert Island Discs

Not in any particular order, here are six tunes which occupy sentimental space and evoke strong memories..

My father used to play this on the record player on the few occasions he had a night in. I was up in bed by then, and lying there hearing this made me feel very secure. As well as being a lovely piece of music.

I was mesmerized when I first heard this, at the tender age of 8. Futuristic synth sounds rocked my world back then.  Less so now...

The love of synth continued in one of my favourite rock anthems. Although I should probably say, I think if I had seen the video before I heard the song, it would have put me off:

Best modern pop piano solo ever in this song, I never managed to learn to play it...

I remember as a teenager crying buckets when I first heard this song at a summer camp!

Unrequited love has been a big theme all through my life from the teenage years onwards. I was probably too naive - amongst other things to know how to love.  But this song epitomized the frustration so well for me.

Glad to say that's no longer the case. :-D

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