Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Prayer...

This morning in our time of open worship, I turned the following into a prayer,

The 'we' refers to humanity, the 'He' refers to Jesus.

- We went from nothing to dust to delusions of grandeur.
- He went from eternal glory to flesh to crucifixion.

- We amounted to nothing and laid claim to everything.
- He had everything and made Himself nothing.

- Our come-down was deserved.
- His come-down was deliberate.

- Our uprising was demonic.
- His uprising was divine.

- Our story is self-exaltation then humbling.
- His story is self-humbling then exaltation.

- Our pride brought the fall.
- His humility brought salvation.

This wasn't my own inspiration, for the source, click here.

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