Monday, 7 January 2013

Are you Self-Aware or Self-Obsessed?

A fascinating article appeared recently on the BBC website pointing out the devastating effects on a culture where "good self-esteem" is seen as a virtue. In other ages, it was called narcissm and was thought of as bad news.

Some quotes...
And while in the late 1980s, almost half of students said they studied for six or more hours a week, the figure was little over a third by 2009 - a fact that sits rather oddly, given there has been a rise in students' self-proclaimed drive to succeed during the same period.
Forsyth and Kerr studied the effect of positive feedback on university students who had received low grades (C, D, E and F). They found that the weaker students actually performed worse if they received encouragement aimed at boosting their self-worth.
Narcissists may say all the right things but their actions eventually reveal them to be self-serving.
As for the narcissists themselves, it often not until middle age that they notice their life has been marked by an unusual number of failed relationships.
Sobering reading.

There is also a test you can take to see how much of a narcissist you are.  To my surprise, I came out as an exhibitionist, amongst other things!!

Thank God, Jesus isn't like us!

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