Monday, 14 January 2013

Lance Armstrong Rewriting his Past

I must confess, it will be fascinating to see how Armstrong will rewrite his 14 years of denying doping.

When you've said things like...
Doping is an unfortunate fact of life in cycling, or any other endurance sport for that matter. Inevitably, some teams and riders feel it's like nuclear weapons – that they have to do it to stay competitive within the peloton. I never felt that way, and certainly the idea of putting anything foreign in my body was especially repulsive. It's Not About the Bike, 2000
...and repeated the like so many times, then viciously attacked those who accused you of misdemeanour. It's hard to know if he'll ever find redemption, at least in the public eye.

But then, perhaps it's not that hard to understand. It's part of what it means to be a fallen human. We're all burying the truth somewhere, both individually and together, so that we can get along in life and not find ourselves on the outside of the herd. The question is how much?

And when the light comes, and he will come, what will He expose in me? In you? What self-deception, what self-delusion will he lift the lid on? Let us humble ourselves and fall on him, 2Sam.24:14, that he may not fall on us! Rev.6:16.

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