Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Not What I Was Expecting...

Back in September I declared some goals I wanted to achieve between now and the end of the Autumn Term. How have I been getting on?

Most have begun (apart from the garden and the book reading) but, I must admit sheepishly, are far from finished.

Regarding the garden, I tend to zone out when the subject is raised as I'm no Alan Titchmarsh and I don't really know where to begin. As for the reading? Well... err...[awkward silence] Not to mention the relative dearth of blogging.

What I didn't know back when I conceived those ideas was that a certain lovely lady, for whom I had held a flame of affection for many years, who had twice honourably rebutted my advances and who I thought had walked out of my life for good in the Summer of 2010, would suddenly reappear on the horizon of my world - coming towards me.

I met Elli again at a wedding [Thanks Pete and Milly] in early September and feelings that I'd laid to rest for good, or so I thought, disconcertingly sprang to life again, much like in a Jane Austen novel, I guess. Moreover, something in me sensed that she was in a different place than she had been before. So after the wedding, I braved writing a letter declaring my "soft spot," (again) and asking her out, then waited for an eternity of 5 days (a nervous wreck) until the reply arrived. To my astonishment, I found my affection reciprocated!

Suffice to say, two and a half months in and things are going very well! I think about her lots and often wonder if this type and quantity of happiness is really possible / healthy / legal, as I think my heart might just go pop!


Oranjepan said...

Aww, that's really quite soppy!

No, really, you're very lucky and I wish you well - all the best for the new year!

Richard Walker said...

Thanks. :-)