Monday, 26 December 2011

Abraham and Zechariah: More in Common than You'd Think

Abe, Sarah and Isaac
Here are some parallels between Abraham, the great patriarch and Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist:
  • Both are priests. (Gen.12:7, (Lk.1:8-9)
  • Both are men of faith for many years, are old and have no children because their wives cannot conceive (Gen.18:11, Lk.1:7)
  • Both have a messenger from Heaven to tell them that they are going to have sons through the power of God (Gen.12:2, Lk.1:11)
  • Both express incredulity at the promise of God, (Gen.17:17, Lk.1:18) but whilst Abraham is let off, Zechariah should have known better with all that history behind them.
  • Zech, Liz and John
  • Both Abraham's son, Isaac and Zechariah's son, John will live lives that prepare the hearts of the people to receive the Messiah. Isaac by the story of his life and John by preaching a baptism of repentance (Lk.1:76-77).
  • Both Abraham and Zechariah have their eyes firmly fixed not on their earthly prosperity, but on the salvation of God and Heavenly destiny (Heb.11:10,16, Lk.1:68-69,78-79).

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