Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Towards a Better Answer - Maybe
There'll be some things I write here that I'll unreservedly regret, others only half so. This post is an example of the latter.

Maybe this isn't quite right either, but it is an improvement on the previous post - I hope.

As I understand it, angels did sing as Jesus created the universe - Job 38:7, but their song fell silent at the shock of Adam and Eve rebelling against God - for now not everything was good, some things were really, really bad. That song was silent for thousands of years (Rev.4:8,10)

However they break forth in new song when the eternal Son returns to Heaven, the glorious victor - triumphing over sin, death and the devil and being given all authority and power by his Father (Rev.5:9).

But maybe I'm still barking up the wrong tree.

Believe it or not, I'm not big into angelology.


Karen said...

Interesting thoughts. Angels in the Bible fascinate me. Just as the character of some men and women in the Bible fascinate others. I'm curious about their role, their place, their existence. God uses them so powerfully and I often find myself wondering why. I think they're too often overlooked as people fear being caught in a trap of elevating their worth alongside that of Jesus - but to my mind, if they're in the Bible, God has drawn our attention to them and it would be slightly remiss to dodge that, well for me anyway :-)

Richard Walker said...

Thanks Karen,

I think our 21cent scientific mindset naturally leads us to overlook such things.

Angel just means servant or messenger so humans can be "angels." (2.Sam.14:7)
Jesus is described as an angel (Judges 13:18).
Then you have the winged creatures to think about too! :-)

It's a pretty big topic.

Russell Baylis said...

I used to think angels did not have wings. I assumed it was an over-enthusiastic transfer from the cherubim who did (do?) have wings. Then I read "Heaven is For Real" by Todd Burpo and changed my mind.... (I recommend the book, btw)