Sunday, 11 September 2011

Gained Time Goals

Now that I'm part time at work, I figure I should probably have some goals to help me focus in the gained time!  So here goes, by Christmas I hope to have:
  • Improved my running up to half marathon distance. (I am currently so unfit I can barely complete 5k without collapsing and I've signed up for the Reading Half Marathon and another duathlon next Spring to encourage some umph creation!)
  • Finished listening to James Jordan preaching through the OT prophets (almost a sermon every weekday night between now and December! :-S
  • Planned Biblical Thinking Forum 2012.
  • Transformed the back garden into an "eat your heart out Eden Project" masterpiece.
  • Finished at least three books that I've started reading, but haven't yet had the discipline to complete.
  • Walked down and prayed for every street in Whitley
Feel free to ask me how I am getting on and I'll try not to get defensive if I'm not achieving (any of) them in the way I had envisaged.


dave bish said...

Which day don't you work?
We're due up in Reading soonish...

Richard Walker said...

I work every day, the theory is that I shouldn't be taking work home, like the average full time teacher.

Richard Walker said...

Let me know when you're around - would be great to hook up.

FloydTheBarber said...

Hey Richard, we're praying for you and this new chapter! Can you aim me in the right direction for the James Jordan talks please?

Ps, my word verification is 'rest,' don't forget to do some of that too!

Richard Walker said...

Thanks Ed. I have a plan re JJ talks. Will FB you.