Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Same-But-Different Beginning

Today started as any other, although for me it marks the beginning of a slightly different journey.

If I had said nothing, you probably wouldn't have noticed any change whatsoever, but today I become 0.8 of a real teacher as I go part time.

The theory being I'll work 9-5 Mon-Fri and take nothing home at evenings and weekends (other than in exceptional circumstances). This would leave me free in the evenings for more theological study and pastoral care.

The challenge for me will be in making sure I fill the free time with the right things and knowing when to say no.

It's exciting, but (now it has arrived it's) also a little daunting, as I don't really know where it will lead just yet.

Also, if you suddenly get the impression that my gifts and general hospitality towards you are not as generous as they used to be, you're probably right. Please just smile understandingly. It won't be because I don't love you as much. :-)

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