Friday, 2 September 2011

Irony & iPhones

My mobile phone contract came up for renewal, so I've just come into the 21st century and got an iPhone. I was only able to get the 3GS if I wanted to upgrade free, which I did!

Before I made the leap, I got salivating by watching the following video. Would be interested know if you saw the same irony I did.

The irony being that tens if not hundreds of people have spend years of their lives working on developing this clever little box, worked through the night to meet deadlines, gone home dejected because they hit some technological riddle that they thought unsolvable, only to go home some time later absolutely euphoric because cracked that same riddle.

Producing something of intuitive simplicity was at times anything but intuitive and definitely monstrously complex. They want you to know that too, so you can be impressed and smile as they deduct those hundreds of pounds from your bank account knowing in your heart that the huge figure is not only wholly morally justified, it's amazing value!

I happen to agree and am not being sarcastic! In this case the workers are definitely entitled to their wages! :-)

What I find ironic and tragic is that many of the very same people - due to the empty ways of life handed down to them by their forebears (1 Pet.1:18) - will go home and tell their partners / family / pet dog / pot plants that all natural life - infinitely more complex than any machine like this - randomly appeared by chance - blind to and/or happy with the incredible disconnect in their thinking (Isa.44:20)

Surely we can show them a better way than this...

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