Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Bankruptcy of Humanity's Navel-Gazing

Back in 2002, the BBC aired what became an award-winning four part documentary series by Adam Curtis called The Century of the Self. It's probably my favourite documentary series to date. Although if you watch it, I'll understand if you think I'm odd. It's available on YouTube and I blogged some thoughts on it here back in Sept 2009.

The rise of psychoanalysis provided another bag of sand for the foundation on which the temple of atheism is being built. If he takes fallen humanity seriously with all its selfish contradictions, the best the psychoanalyst will ever be, is a prophet of doom.

This is what we see again in a new documentary by Curtis: All watched over by machines of loving grace:

(part 1 here, part 2 here)

Whether sinful man embraces the pagan idea of history known as spaceship earth / maintaining the status quo / equilibrium / ecosystem etc. or hijacks God's view of history as progressing toward a glorious conclusion and instead of calling it "New Creation" calls it Utopia, he is doomed to failure and under divine judgement for his presumption.

Fallen man is a dead star, a black hole, destructively sucking everything he can out of the universe into the oblivion of himself.

He must humbly come to the Sun, the all compassionate Christ - the endless fountain of life, love and joy that is outside himself and greater than himself if he wants to truly live - to be loved and to love, to be known and to know, and to have a place in the life of God forever. (John 5:26, 7:38, 17:23)

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