Wednesday, 15 June 2011

To Which City Do You Go?

Andrew Marr has done a very interesting documentary on the rise and nature of the megacity. He points out that it seems to be humanity's destiny to move from the village to the city (available until 26-Jun-11).

What makes me smile, is that this is nothing new. The Biblical plumb-line is clear, we are not seeking a return to Eden. Humanity is moving from a rural setting (Gen.2:8) to a city (Rev.21:2).

The question is therefore not, where are you going, for we are all on a pilgrimage to a city, but to which city are you going? Have you, like Abraham, set your sights on the Heavenly city whose architect and founder is God? (Heb.11:10,16) Or have you set your heart on pilgrimaging to Babylon - the great city of Man? (Dan.4:30)

Have you set your heart on pleasure and maybe a little fame and fortune in in this world? To be sure, these man made metropolises have an alluring call, (Prov.9:13, Rev.17:1-2) and many unthinkingly heed it (Matt.7:13). But friend, know for certain that these cities, built by men to glorify themselves (Gen.11:4, Dan.4:30) will eventually pass away (Rev.18:10)

However, there is a city that will never pass away, but few find it (Matt.7:14). This is not due to its obscure geographical location, but because not many want to be associated with its founder. Those who do, know a joy unspeakable and full of glory as they make their way there.

Marr also asks whether the secret to a successful city is bringing the "village" in with you. Again, we find in the Bible that the partial perfection of the Garden, the life-giving river and tree (Gen.2:9,10), are found in the complete perfection of the Heavenly City (Rev.22:2). We moderns are far too slow on the uptake! :-)

To which city are you making your pilgrimage?

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