Friday, 17 June 2011

"Build Down" to Borneo

For those of you who didn't know, I'm off on a busman's holiday to Borneo, South East Asia this August, taking a bunch of boys from school on a Leadership and Personal Development Expedition provided by these guys, who I must say are very good!

To that end, I have begun a weight loss campaign, for two reasons:
  1. I've not been doing as much triathlon training or racing this year, which, of course, wouldn't be a problem except that I've continued to eat like an Olympian and as a result, my belts and shirts are groaning under the strain!!
  2. The high humidity of the Asian jungle with all its creepy-crawlies will be much harder to endure if I am carrying more natural "insulation" than deemed necessary.

The target sheets are up at work and home so that everyone knows. Pride will therefore force me to at least make a good go of hitting the ridiculous target I have set myself, It's so ludicrous, I dare not share it here for fear of being either mocked or sectioned. And for those of you who worry about me, don't. I'm only fasting between meals. ;-)

I even purchased a copy of the latest Weight Watchers' ProPoints bible to help me, although it does have me somewhat flummoxed as it suggests that a banana has no energy in it. Maybe that's why our home grown tennis talent has been so slow round centre court in the last few decades! Somebody hand them a Mars Bar!

So far so good - 3 days in and I'm ahead of target! I even enjoyed my home made vegetable soup. Chicken stock powder and tom-yum paste make anything taste good! But it is the honeymoon period and with just over six weeks left, it could still go either way!!


Karen said...

I have a stack of low fat cook books you are more than welcome to borrow. I admire anyone trying to lose weight as I fail so dismally at it! Go for it!!

Richard Walker said...

Thanks Karen! :-)

Lozi said...

you can do it Monsieur Walker! :)