Thursday, 10 March 2011

How to "Kill" a Christian

Numbers 23-25

Yes, I realise it's a (theologically) provocative title...

Balaam, far from cursing the Israelites as Balak wanted, blessed them 7 times! Publicly, he will do them no harm, but behind closed doors, it's a different matter.

Privately, he advises the Moabites to woo them into spiritual (and sexual) whoredom, bringing the judgement of God on them and making them so weak and ineffective as to be no significant threat to them.

The ensuing plague of judgement has a devastating effect (24,000 die).

The biggest threats to God's people are not the enemies from without, but the flesh from within. No weapon formed against them shall stand, but the deceitfulness of one's own heart before God has slain many a well-intentioned believer.

With all God's enemies defeated at the cross of Jesus Christ, it's only compromise and internal conflict left that can (and does) wreak the greatest havoc amongst the people of God.

Keeping a tender heart towards God then man is only way to live.

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