Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Disqualification and Death, Succession and Conquest

Numbers 18-20

The first time, God told Moses to strike the rock, this time he is told to speak to it.

He is rebuked by God because in striking the rock twice, he did not obey the word of the LORD. To our modern ears, this sounds harsh. You'd think with all the flack Moses had received over these years from the Israelites that God might have cut him a bit of slack.

But no, Moses did not honour the LORD and so he will not enter the land. The Rock (a picture of Christ) only needed to be struck once, (metaphor of crucifixion) after that we only need to speak to him to receive all we need. To strike him again is to profane the status of his one perfect sacrifice.

Even humble godly Moses had his flaws. But in truth there is more to this disqualification than meets the eye, more on this later.

Aaron dies, and the nation who has been a fugitive in the "city" of the wilderness, can now emerge and "return to"(conquer) her property.

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