Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Book of Numbers

So we have reached Numbers in this Bible Read Fest. A couple of observations.

  • The Census is a military one - all the men 20yrs and older who can be conscripted into the national army, ready to go conquer the promised land.
  • Jordan talks about how the camp is set out in ch2 as having parallels with the heavenly host and with the vision Ezekiel had. e.g. Judah who leads the East camp is symbolised by a Lion, Ephraim on the west - an ox.
  • With Reuben having squandered his rights as firstborn son by defiling his father's concubine, another "firstborn" needs to be found to act as priests. The Levites are selected. They were the only ones who rallied to Moses' side to purge the camp after the idolatry incident with the golden calf. There are many fewer Levites, because they had to be at least 30yrs old to serve.

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