Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Preparing the Way

Observations on Exodus 21-23

Remember that all these laws are in some way or indeed many ways, vehicles for illustrating the Triune God and his Gospel as revealed in Jesus Christ. Those laws that seem harsh or petty to our modern ears are there because God wants to show us something of what he is about and what he is up to in history.

References to piercing ears and slaves reminds me of Jesus' words in Psalm 40. Jesus is the ultimate servant who loves his master - the Father!

In the Bible, oxen are also symbolic of leaders.

Making restitution 4-5 times what was stolen is symbolic of how Jesus makes more than enough restitution on our behalf to the Father.

Being torn apart by other animals was a symbol of God's judgement, hence the prohibition on eating any animal that had deceased that way.

God instructs Moses to listen to the great Angel in whom God has placed all his authority (his Name). He will send this Angel ahead of them into the land. This great Angel is the Commander of the Lord's Army who Joshua met at the entrance to the promised land. It is Christ. The Father sends him ahead of his people to prepare a place for them. Don't' know about you, but I could have sworn I've heard that somewhere before.

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