Tuesday, 15 February 2011

From Slavery to Sabbath

Observations on Exodus 38-40

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Exodus began with God's people in bondage to slavery, it ends with God's people enjoying God's Sabbath rest - his gracious presence in their midst, gathered around a new creation (the Tabernacle).

The Father will not go up with them from here to the land of promise due to the incident with the golden calf, but the Son, the Angel of the LORD, the one in whom is the eternal name of the Father, the one who is the Glory of the Father, will go with them and he comes to dwell in the midst of the camp above the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle.

God in his Son, has graciously drawn near to his people, but all the signs are still external, and they await a day when God, through his Son, will come to live not only with, but also inside his people replacing their dead stone tablet hearts which have the law engraved on them, with living beating flesh and blood hearts which house the eternal mighty and tender Spirit of God.

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