Friday, 11 February 2011

New Treasures from the Store House

Observations on Exodus 30-31

Again will let Matt do the talking.

Suffice to say that the creation of the Tabernacle (ch25-31) is similar to the Genesis creation:
  • There are seven Then the Lord said to Moses... mimicking the And God said... of Genesis 1 (the first one is ginormously long)
  • The Spirit who hovered over the waters at creation, brings about this new creation through Bezelel and Oholiab.
  • It finishes with Sabbath rest. God  is "refreshed" from fellowship with his people. Interesting turn of phrase, don't you think? I wonder what's going on there?
God is on the move, producing new wonders at every turn.

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Dove of Creation said...

Isn't the seven-day pattern in the building of the tabernacle awesome :) I first found out about it in Dempster's "Dominion and Dynasty". Cracking stuff.