Thursday, 24 February 2011

Four "Interesting" Things From Web

Have been away/busy with other things, will make some more general comments on Leviticus soon, I hope! :-S  In the mean time, here are four pearls mined from the murky sea of banality that is the world wide web.

1. Whilst remaining crystal clear about male headship in the home and the church, at RFC we're exploring the possibility of a biblically faithful, and more generous interpretation of the roles of men and women in the church than we've formally held hitherto. Fear not, there's no smell of u-turn screeching tyres or any reinventing the wheel, rather a healthy desire to reappraise our practice in the light of what we understand the whole Bible to say. See Sean's blog for more.

2. A video that could be seen as an example of Matt 5:27-31. Whilst maiming is not actually the point of what Jesus is saying, (he's exaggerating to make the point) the question holds good for me and you. What are the "adorable" sins I need to wise up and renounce with God's help, in order to "enter life" rather than lose it? If you're like me, you know what they are, you just need to do it!

3. Whilst this video is targeted at encouraging students to go on mission trips, the first two minutes are outstanding, and worthy of meditation. If you're not a student and would like to explore a short term mission option, try here, or here:

4. The ever insightful Leithart makes a brilliant observation about the suffering of Christ and the subsequent suffering of the church. The body must follow it's head - one minute of simple but solid gold reading.

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