Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Watch This...

Washer's opening gambit "Jesus - the only expected person of history" is awesome to ponder - Psalm 139 is Christ speaking - not David or me. (Since when did David or you or I ever rise on the wings of the dawn?).

I count myself among the old men who look for Christ in every line of Old Testament.

I need a mighty God who can wrestle me to the ground and save me.

Your blood is not as precious as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself exemplified this. He expects nothing of you that he did not first expect of himself.

Disciples have certain properties. If they lose those properties, they are no longer disciples.

A plough horse, not a race horse, mentality is necessary in the Christian life.

The missionary is like a painter. They only become famous after they're dead.

The more the church asks for the Spirit and waits for his communication, the more she receives.

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