Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time with John Piper

I should be going to bed, but it's too hot and I can't sleep!

I had the privilege of attending 300 at Jubilee church, London, yesterday. John Piper was the guest speaker. I have read a couple of Piper's books, dipped into a few more and lost count of the number of his sermons I've listened to online.

He's the kind of humble guy who would have happily talked to me had I sought to see him after the main session, but I didn't have anything I wanted to ask and I didn't want to waste his time listening to me fawn! Plus, there's that strange dynamic in the age of the Internet, where I know so much about him from reading his books and hearing him preach and he knows absolutely NOTHING about me!

His main session, talking about how the pursuit of joy in God has been the foundation of his life and ministry, was nothing new to me. But hearing it again, I had the same kind of joy as you get when you come home to family after time away and share a meal together. It's good to enjoy the familiar, safe and good things again and again.

For me the best bits were his little biographical annecdotes interspersed in his message and in the Q&A time, the highs and lows he has had after 30 years of pastoral ministry and how he has clearly remained faithful to Jesus all through that time.

I'm grateful to God for men like this who stay the course over many years, who don't have it easy, who have seen Heaven be silent on a number of occasions yet know that when all is said and done, Jesus is Lord and their faith in him WILL be vindicated.

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John8com said...

What a treat! I attended a Desiring God in Portland, OR four years ago and loved his preaching. And like you, it was his humility that stood out most. Cheers.