Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gospel Déjà-Vu

I only noticed it the other day, when preparing a talk.  The Old Testament revelation kicks off proper in Genesis 22 when a father lays his only son on wood and sacrifices him on a mountain. It then ends in 1 Kings 8 with God among his people, the people that he has given to Solomon, his wise king, in the land of their inheritance!

Sounds to me much like the plot-line of the New Testament which kicks off proper when the Father has his only and beloved Son laid on a cross of wood and sacrificed on a mountain. It then ends with this Father among the people that he has given to his Son - the righteous King, in the land of their inheritance - the (re)new(ed) creation.

Jesus was the only truly expected man in history.

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Dove of Creation said...

Very refreshing, since I'm now on 2 Kings where everything has gone wrong!