Monday, 31 May 2010

Summer Reading Target... Yeah Right! - Get Real, Walker!

Bible in a year plan continuing as a given, by the end of the summer, here are the books I'd like to say I've read:

223 pages

192 pages

396 pages

593 pages

566 pages

680 pages

352 pages

629 pages

349 pages

152 pages

That's 4132 pages and very few pictures! :-S (What's worse is that you almost need a magnifying glass to read the print Pakenham's tome and his is the largest of the lot!) You could read the Bible four times in that time. Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing something?

Oh how I love to set myself up for a fall! In truth, I might manage two, if I have a downhill run and a tail wind!

Of course, it might mean I blog less if I want to have any chance of succeeding, but hopefully the quality of posts will, in the long term, be better!


dave bish said...

Nice list, ambitious too. Start with the Reeves books - they're easy reads to get you going, and they're excellent.

Richard Walker said...

Good point!

I have a feeling I have leant my copy of UF to someone and I can't remember who! :-(