Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Reading Family Church Statement of Core Beliefs

At RFC, we have just put together a statement of faith which is now public on the website. This is the gospel truth that we pastors seek to teach with our mouths and exemplify with our lives.

On one level, there's nothing new here. At its core, this statement is historic evangelical confessional Christianity, but you may notice two themes that have been given a little more prominence here than elsewhere; two bouquets that come through to your nostrils a little more vigorously than others.

The first is the emphasis on the Trinity. Whilst plenty of the Bible's moral code has been plagiarized elsewhere in the world of philosophy and religion, Trinity is the one distinctive of the Christian faith that remains unique. The true God is one community of three persons in loving relationship. This truth works itself out into everything we understand about reality.

The second is that we are explicitly highlighting the charismatic emphasis of baptism (anointing) of the Holy Spirit. As pastors, we realise this makes us controversial in some evangelical circles, but our heart is not to alienate, we simply want, as much as is possible in this life, by the power of the Spirit, to enter into the fullness of the new humanity and help the people we shepherd to do the same. A humanity that comes not by worldly education nor accident of birth, but by God himself, through Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you have any questions about this document, please don't hesitate to catch us at a meeting or get in touch with us via the usual means.


Jon F from RFC said...

"two bouquets that come through to your nostrils a little more vigorously than others"

Did you have a long day at work ... or is this a literal tranlation from the french.


Richard Walker said...

Neither, I was just playing with metaphor. There are many bouquets in a good wine, but some are more prominent than others.