Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What have you been listening to lately?

Last weekend, our church, along with many others from our network put on guest services where we preached the good news about Jesus and prayed for the healing of those who were sick. See here for more of what happened on the day. It was preceded with a conference the day before over in Woking.

On reflection, the conference was nothing short of excellent. I must confess, I nervously thought I was headed for a bit of charismania in the first session: Our Authority In the Supernatural, but Lex spoke brilliantly, wisely and Biblically about the whole subject.  I was ashamed of my pride and cynicism and thrilled by the truth!

Adrian Holloway's talk I had heard a few years ago, but its freshness has not wained, he was brilliant too in showing what evangelism is and isn't.  It's a pity they only have an audio recording because the facial expressions that accompanied his words were something else!
To my shame, I have lived in Whitley for nearly 6 years and I still don't know my neighbours by name.  (I do greet them when I see them though.) I was brought up in toff circles, (public school etc), and so find myself a bit of a cultural alien on the estate where I live.  Paul Brown's session on crossing the divide from my "middle class" tribe and connecting with the "working class" tribe was a real eye opener and so refreshing!  Paul, a (former?) brickie from Bermondsey, helped me to see how many of my assumptions are dumb and even sinful, and for that I am very grateful!

Find all these talks and more from the conference here.

Whilst driving to my parents, to celebrate my mum's latest birthday, I listened to Mike Reeves on the theology of music.  That might sound like a fairly niche interest to most of you reading this, but his opening gambit is a stunning challenge to every Christian and is worthy of meditation: Are we Christians playing God games in an atheist universe, or is the whole fabric of reality awash with testimony to who God is and what God does?

Reeves shows brilliantly, how the very fabric of music is God shaped. If you can't listen to all three, then listen to no.1. and start from 15mins in.  For me it's not just about the content, it's about a way of thinking and looking at reality, which is why I highly recommend them to you, be you a muso or a non-muso. Pick them up here at the mighty Bish's blog.

And on a complimentary lighter note.  Lou Fellingham's new album Step Into The Light is ace too, and a pleasure to have as an accompaniment when driving on summer days.

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Nothing beats Tim Hughes' - Here I Am to Worship