Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ronny Heyboer

Ronny Heyboer is a missionary who, with his wife and kids, has given his life to church planting, and the care and education of orphans among the Dayaks of Borneo. I had the privilege of meeting him on one of his trips to the UK 6 years ago and hung off his every word!

Below is the testimony of how he came to Jesus.

Take heart from this if you are praying for an unbelieving spouse, or have lost that same spouse in tragic circumstances. Be encouraged if you have wondered whether you can invite people to your midweek house group, or whether God can give you the words to speak into a culture and a people that knows nothing of the ways of the living God, whether they are your own peers or not...

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Kinga said...

Very encouraging. This is real christianity. Reaching the lost with the gospel, carrying the passion for Jesus and following the gentle voice's leading in the heart. While I listened the message a few Bible verses came to my mind: Colossians 3:1-3. I am always grateful seeing believers with passion for Christ and not for an easy, comfortable, fleshy lifestyle.