Monday, 1 March 2010

Summer in my Sights :-S

I have a good friend and colleague who is getting married in the summer in the south of France.

For a while now, I have also had a desire to cycle from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean coast over the Pyrenees, in a challenge called the Raid Pyrénéan.

It's a bit like this, except it's only one way:

Having let my winter training go to the dogs, with the accompanying tell tale signs like the clothes that have developed more of a snug fit than I remember, it's time to start puffing and panting again. Although I must confess, there's a little bit of me that's nervous at the prospect.

The views from the summits will be nothing short of breathtaking. I just hope to have enough juice left in the tank after a punishing ascent to appreciate them.

Actually, it's the 50mph descents that scare me the most. One mistake and the skin grafts wouldn't be pretty! And yet something about that last sentence makes me feel alive!

Anyone want to come with me? I'd rather not do it on my own... (Support cars welcome!)


Craig Mackay said...

I'd love to come with you. Can I bring the children too?

Richard Walker said...

If Olivia has a VO2 Max score of 95, you're on!! ;-)