Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Many A True Word Spoken in Jest.

In the not too distant past, a good friend of mine goaded some of the students in our church to write limericks about me. Here is the un-airbrushed take on what they came up with... ;-)

There once was a man called Walker,
We found him an incredible talker,
He cycled and ran,
He taught and he swam,
And ended washed up in Majorca.

There once was an elder named Walker,
Who was a bit of a porker,
He really loved cheese,
But never said please,
Just asked for a knife and a fork...er.

There once was a teacher of French,
Who rather admired Judi Dench,
He bought her some cheese,
She fell to her knees,
Unable to cope with the stench!

In the beginning God created,
A man seemingly never deflated,
So learnèd a nerd,
With many a word,
Impossible whenever debated.

There once was an affable dude,
Where once he is caught in the mood,
He will open his mouth,
And loud noises come out,
So the Lord in his wisdom made food!


Chris said...

These are great...!

Anonymous said...

ha ha love it x