Saturday, 6 February 2010

Making Sense of the Old Testament Sacrifices

I've just finished working through the sacrifices that Moses gives to the people in the first half of Leviticus. I found the video below helpful in drawing all the sacrifices and their symbolism together.

WARNING: You'll notice that it was put together by the Mormons. Mormonism is a cult (see here). Do NOT become one. (To avoid any misunderstanding/misrepresentation: whilst I believe in fairness and showing compassion to all persons, I have no time for the strange belief that all ideas are created equal.)

Whilst I shudder at the mention of the name Joseph Smith and would personally want to say that Jesus, and not just some random angel taught Adam and Eve about the nature of sacrifice, I nevertheless find much helpful stuff in this video. Watch it with discernment and enjoy how much it points you to Christ. (It's not what you might have expected).

It's interesting that the altar was raised up from the earth, and Exodus 20:26 tells us that they were not allowed to build steps up to it, lest they exposed themselves. Which leads me to the not unfair conclusion that the altar was set in the middle of a cross shaped mound (see right).

In other words, the Israelites who were true Israelites, (i.e. put their faith in Christ) understood well the reality to which the Holy Spirit of prophecy was pointing them.


By the way, this post, from Glen Scrivener, on God as haggler, is one of the best things I've read lately. Go jump into the "strange world" of the Bible. :-)

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You could say all (created) ideas are equal(ly wrong)

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