Saturday, 25 October 2008


Having thought that my blog had a really cool name: (and yes I was probably the only one who liked the alliteration and the big words), I have changed it.

The reason is simple. When I introduced it to people, few had any significant conscious recollection of hearing the word "ruminating" at any point in their lives. Of those who had, not many were sure how to spell it. It's one of those words we may hear in speech, but rarely if ever, see written down.
  • Is the first vowel sound made up from "oo" or "u" or even the more outlandish and Continental "oux"?
  • Does it have a silent h after the r like rhyme and rhythm or not?
  • Is there a difference in the American (roominate?) and English (rhumineight?) spelling, and which one did Richard go for?
That coupled with the anxiety of trying to remember if it's reality or realety (local dialects can confuse, the issue) made me sit back and take stock.

In short, there is something distinctly uncool in having proudly announced your blog address to people, then to have to sit down and spell it out for them!

So then came the dilemma of what to call it. All the obvious domain names had already been taken like richardwalker, rw, rmw... I even momentarily toyed with the ideas of jesuslovesyou and happyclapper then saw that these had been taken too. :-(

What wound me up about these addresses was that they were all held by people who hadn't blogged for YEARS! They didn't have the decency to think that I, Richard Walker, might one day come along and want one of those addresses... pleeeeease. And if there's something that really winds me up, it's when people start something they don't fi


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Josh said...

hahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha you are a funny man richard!