Sunday, 5 October 2008

My brother is provoking me!

Whilst at a family wedding this weekend in Leeds, my brother provoked me (in a good way, although it wasn't always like that when we were growing up! ;-) His provocation had come second hand from Michael Ramsden, a guy who works for a mission organisation called RZIM

Ramsden had been exhorting his students in a lecture to memorize scripture.

So I tried it this morning.

One thing I did notice, to my delight, is that memorisation forces me to engage with the detail of the text. I memorised 5 verses (Will need to test myself on them before I go to bed! My brain is like a sieve.) and in so doing, gleaned some awesome gems of truth. Had I just read the chapter, I probably wouldn't have noticed them!

If you fancy having a go, here are some tips I have found!

Next time you see me, ask me how I am getting on at this and test me, I need all the help and provocation I can get!

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