Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Beginning...

One of the titles ascribed to Jesus in the Bible is that of "The Beginning."  This puts a whole new angle on the the first three words of Genesis: In the beginning...  The Hebrew word that we render beginning in Gen 1:1 should not be understood exclusively as a comment on the concept of time and leads me to believe that, right from the start, the Old Testament Israelites knowingly worshipped, like us, the God who is Father, Son and Spirit.
What follows are two feel good videos, that help me begin to get my head around how God the Son - the Head of Creation, the master craftsman and carpenter, diligently went about the first of his works at the dawn of time under the (architectural) authority of God the Father and in the power (and inspiration?) of God the Spirit.

To put the Hebrew another way: Through the Son, the God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit together created the heavens and the earth.

Christ truly is all in all.  

We are NOT alone.  

What an awesome God to bow before!!  

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