Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Biblical Thinking Forum 2012: "Beyond Church!"

The visible church is the beginning of Jesus Christ's mission in the world, but it isn't the end. He doesn't say "That's all, folks!" when the meeting is over (even if you and I often do). Worship leads to a mission of transformation.

From the invisible throne room of Christ the visible church flows out into the visible world, a Spirit filled people, with a mandate to bring everything, yes everything, not just individuals, but the whole created order under the loving, wise, life-giving and beautifying reign of the God-Man Jesus Christ. (Perhaps like this.)

Having very much enjoyed doing a Bible overview these last two years at Biblical Thinking Forum, (for more info. on that click here, here and here) we're going to spend some time thinking through who the real Jesus Christ is and how his reign really does cover everything, not just church meetings and personal moral choices.

A number of RFC members have kindly agreed to help us in this by leading our monthly meetings. Their life experience / job / study / personal interest will give us a concrete context in which to expand our vision of what lordship of Jesus Christ really means. They won't have all the answers, but they will frame and inform discussion. See below for the session outlines.

We meet on either the 2nd or 3rd Monday of each month (usually 3rd) @7:30pm in RFC's HQ. Check the monthly bulletin or website nearer the time.

You are welcome to come to one, some or all of the sessions.

Whatever you do, enjoy living under and extending the reign of King Jesus in 2012! :-)

The BTF Sessions

Learning Lessons from History: Roman Cult Hero Worship vs. followers of the "God-Man" Jesus

What's the Best Way to Help Needy People Overseas?

April – July:
Four Sessions on the Real Christ and the Heart of the Father He Reveals.
1. How do we make sense of the claim that Christ was fully God and fully man?
2. Is Forgiveness of Sin the Only Thing the Crucifixion of Christ was About?
3. Which Jesus do we worship: The one on earth or the one in the sky?
4. Is There More to God than Jesus?

Becoming Superhuman - Is Every Innovation Good?

Origins – Does One Have to Choose Either Creation Or Evolution?

Machines: Our Masters Or Our Minions?


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