Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I know my place...

This is Cameron.

Cameron is joining the Royal Marines in about 7 weeks time. He has been training lots to ensure that his fitness is at the required level before he begins, (it'll only get worse after he starts!)

Today I went to the gym with Cameron. It was a humbling experience. Not only did he rep twice as much weight as me on every exercise, he also did about three times as many reps as I did! Moreover, I will suffer for it tomorrow much more than he will!

He's a great young man and a pleasure to know. He will make a great Marine.

Mercifully, whatever my perceived level of physical prowess, Jesus doesn't judge me on the size of my (lack of) biceps, but on my humility, love and trust towards him.

The greatest and highest labour of my life is not to strengthen the outer man, but to walk in the discipline of grace and strengthen the inner man, - trusting in Jesus as enabled by the Holy Spirit - and honouring God the Father for all his wisdom in this.

This is what I pray for me and those given to my charge.

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