Friday, 1 May 2009

He Who Presents, Must Also Have the Presences

This morning I read Exodus 33-35.

A number of things struck me, not least the way the people were moved in their hearts to give generously to the work of God.

But more than, that this bit got my attention.  Apparently the Hebrew word rendered presence in our English translations is plural, or rather dual, in the original, and the verb connected with it (go) is plural which leads me to the conclusion that Moses asked the Father that the Son (LORD/Angel of the LORD) and the Spirit (pillar of cloud/fire) who had: 
  1. led them out of Egypt, 
  2. protected them from the pursuing Egyptian army and
  3. subsequently destroyed that same army,
...would also accompany them up to take the Promised Land. 

How else could they - a people of such little account - ever take on the might of the surrounding nations with any hope of winning and thus entering into the promises God himself had given them?

God's people, wherever they have found themselves in history, are known not only by their proclamations and professions, but by the clear presence of the God whom they profess, active amongst them. Anything else, however good it sounds on paper, is vane and pitiful. How else could they ever enter into all the promises God has given them? 

What was true then is still true now, and compels me to humility and to my knees.

A stunning video, even if not totally Biblically accurate.

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