Saturday, 2 May 2009

After Jesus who is the greatest human being who ever lived?

This morning I read Luke 1-3. 
(I read the Old Testament during the week and the New Testament at the weekend.)

After Jesus who is the person you are most impressed with in the Bible?  Paul? Moses?David? Elijah? Samson?  

The Pharisees loved Moses.  There is a fashion amongst Christian men to have a soft spot for David because of both his Warrior King lifestyle and his character flaws that are so similar to ours. 

Jesus gives us his opinion here.  

Curious isn't it? For someone who receives such an endorsement from the Son of God himself, we know relatively little about John the Baptist, certainly compared with the other characters mentioned above.  Moreover, I can't remember the last time anyone told me that they found reading about J the B an inspirational experience.

I know of no one else (apart from Jesus in Ps 139) who is accredited in the Bible as being filled with the Holy Spirit even before he was born. Perhaps a fulfillment of this.

Less of me and more of Jesus is what my life must increasingly be all about.  

Man do I need help!  I love myself way too much and I am the poorer for it!

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dave bish said...

Love the bible reading plan - 5/7 OT is a great way to feed on Jesus! Helpful post too!