Friday, 30 January 2009

What does God look like?

Well, if I'm honest, I thought after they had seen that the free food was a hook to get them in to an evangelistic meeting, most of our visiting pupils wouldn't be back!! But I am pleased to admit, I was wrong.

Last week we had 50, today we had 49! It's true that many did not come back, but many did come back, and they brought their friends! (I also know of one little guy who wasn't able to come cos he was representing the school in a sport's tournament, and was gutted he couldn't make it! So we had 50 in spirit, if not in body! ... Not that I am obsessed with numbers or anything! !(?)! ;o)

After the initial warm up acts of piped music, a Darwin Awards youtube video and a game called blobs (which I can't do to save my life, but the boys seem to be able to complete with an alarming amound of ease). we turned to the question: What does God look like? and with the help of Chrissy's excellent vox pops video and these bible verses we explained that no one knows or can know what God looks like, thinks or feels by themselves, that if we want to know the answer, we have to look at Jesus.

If you gave us some air time in your prayer life this week; thank you! I am amazed at how many of these little guys want to come and how they seem genuinely interested in what we are doing. I want to pray now for humble boldness, not just to answer questions, but to give direct challenge, to these little men and that the Christian guys in the CU will rise to the challenge of helping some of them get along to a local church-based youth group.

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