Friday, 16 January 2009

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, you have ordained ... erm... questions?

At our School Carol Service we had at the end of last term, I asked the boys to write down any question they had about God. Here are the uncensored (both in grammar and content) responses we got.  Some are funny, some insightful, others are blasphemous. Many break your heart when you realise the ignorance and/or pain behind them:

Where did God come from? Who made God? Who gave birth to God? How was God created?
Did God smoke?
What would happen if Jesus were alive today?
Why does God allow suffering? Why doesn’t he let us live in peace and only die a natural death?
Why does God let us die?
Did God mean Jesus to die?
Is God gay?
What came first, Adam and Eve or the dinosaurs?
What colour was Jesus given that he came from Asia?
How many species of dinosaurs were there?
What is the reason for hymns?
What colour is God’s beard?
Did Jesus wear socks with his sandals?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
When newborn babies die, the parent asks why was he/she taken from me and the priest says – because God loved them more?
Why does God remain hidden? Why did Jesus die on a cross?
Why do people who “see” God get diagnosed with insanity?
Why is there sadness in the world?
Is God married?
If God is the sun, how is night?
What happened to Mary and Joseph?
How old is God?
Does God like cheese puffs?

With the help of the Bible, (free food and some humour provided by Camcorder, Youtube and Yours truly) we hope to answer most of these by the end of the year and see people turn from their worthless idols and give their lives to Jesus.  Please join us in praying that this dream would be realised not just for boys, but for adults too.  


I love you guys!

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Kathryn Cotton said...

brilliant!! Let's get praying!