Sunday, 7 September 2008

Why worry...?

Money is tight this month; not only because my housemate and I are funding an extension to our house, but also because we have lost our lodger (Tim), who got married to the lovely Jodie yesterday and because as a teacher, not working during August means you have more opportunities to spend money that you wouldn't have the chance to take if you were at work!

So when a guy I barely know, but who is a Christian for sure, asks me for £50 straight up, I am immediately nervous, but then this verse pops into my head... And so I go to the cash machine opposite our house and get it for him.

Since then I have been to a wedding.  As you well know, these kinds of outings can be expensive, but on this occasion it wasn't.  For whilst I offered people petrol money, they all refused. What's more, people offered to buy me drinks and I was able to camp in a back garden and so not incur any B&B costs. It was the cheapest wedding I have been to in a while, considering what it could have cost.

I feel like I am living in the good of these verses...

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