Monday, 15 September 2008

My pupils are provoking me!

I was on duty in the playground last week when I happened to strike up a conversation with one of the new Yr 7s.  I made polite conversation and asked him what he had had for lunch.  He said that he had had nothing because he was fasting for Ramadan.

Ramadan lasts for a month.  This 11yr old boy would not eat between sunrise and sunset for 1 month, which in September is still a long time.  If it was up to me, I would have made Ramadan only ever take place in December!  

If I am honest, I couldn't help but be impressed and healthily provoked by this kid.  He was neither boastful, nor bitter about the fact that he was fasting, just very matter of fact.  This little guy over the course of a year possibly out-fasts me, (I haven't yet sat down and calculated it yet.  Not sure I want to.  I could end up feeling a little humiliated).  Not that it is about competition, it's not.  And yet, just as I wouldn't expect to be beaten in an arm wrestle with this same kid.  So I should not expect him to out do me in spiritual disciplines either. 

I have a wonderful God and an awesome saviour.  How much more should I use all the tools that the spiritual disciplines are to pursue intimacy with God and fruitfulness in life than people who have been duped by the lies of the devil!

Moreover, God-willing, if I ever have any kids, I want them to be up for Jesus from as early as possible and in as sold-out a way as possible.  I guess, much like these little guys below.

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